Animal Feeds
Newport Mills has supported local agriculture and small farmers for over 25 years with
Nutramix – The BIG Feed!
Offering a full range of mash, crumbled or pelleted feeds for poultry, pig, cattle, horse, goat, sheep and more, Nutramix is the brand farmers have come to trust to give them the best results.

Produced in an ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and GMP certified feed mill, Nutramix provides the safest option for farmers and their livestock.

Furthermore, by working with leading animal nutritionists and experts from all over the Globe our animal feeds are designed to make your animals grow in the healthiest and most economical manner.

Thousands have also benefitted from the free seminars that focus on farm management, breeding techniques and animal health.

Farmers know it and the animals too – When it comes to Nutramix - there is no better!
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