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The CB Group

We have a commitment to providing safe, nutritious and sustainably sourced foods that has brought us to the fore front of Jamaican agriculture. We’ve worked to revolutionise the poultry and pork industries in Jamaica and our family of consumer food brands touch thousands of lives every day.

With a strong focus on people, training and technology, CB Group has built vertically integrated poultry, swine and egg operations, as well as the most modern feed mill in the Caribbean. Today, we lead the Safe Food Movement and our facilities are proudly certified by the leading auditors in the world – SGS, as the only company of our kind in the Caribbean to boast ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems), HACCP and GMP (Food Safety) accreditation.

In The News

Kenrick Mattis, Manager, CB Egg Farms Ltd. inspects a shipment of eggs prior to export

Local egg industry growing through exports – full shipment of table eggs destined for T&T

Local egg farmers can expect some relief from artificially depressed prices through the re-opening of regional export channels this past weekend. With a serious shortage being seen right throughout the Eastern Caribbean, due to the non supply of eggs from the United States, a full  (20′) container shipment of eggs was sold to Trinidad and Tobago, which also helps to alleviate the slight


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