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Our Why

In everything we do, we believe in making a difference for our people, country and agricultural industries.


CB Group believes in challenging the status quo. We also believe in the importance of collaboration. Working closely with our customers, policy makers, is how we will make lasting change for our people, our country and agricultural industries.

Challenge. Collaborate. Change.

Our Values

Change For Better

We aspire to be leaders in food and agriculture, always focused on the big picture of how our businesses can feed the nation sustainably and support our partners successfully.

Think Big

We have big goals that can seem complex, so we strive to keep our processes and offerings simple, straightforward and aligned. We make sense of things and are focused on how everything we do adds to the big picture. 

Be Strategic

We always pursue better ways of doing things. We strive to be first to market using our most creative thinking skills to find the best solution.

Be Agile

We move quickly to create opportunities for our partners and customers, solving problems that matter. We deliver measurable outcomes based on real needs, and we don’t get in our own way.

Be Trusted

Honesty and responsibility are key to our success. We build trust by working closely with each other as well as our customers to understand their priorities and deliver on our promises. We stand out for delivering what people need, not what suits our processes.

Grow Together

We embrace collaboration to achieve big goals. We work on building a culture of open communication, understanding and camaraderie. We are constantly learning, continuously improving and sharing with our partners.

What We Do

CB Group provides safe food and builds sustainable agricultural industries.

Our Story

Our Founder and Chairman, Karl Hendrickson, has always said, “My first love was baking, but my second has always been farming.” So, when the opportunity arose in the early 1980s, he bought a small poultry processing operation, called Caribbean Broilers.

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