Board of Directors

Karl Hendrickson
Chairman Emeritus
Lori-Ann Lyn
Matthew Lyn
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Donald "Keith" Amiel
Board Member

CBG Executive Team

Alicia Bogues
Head of Regional Development
Venneshia Sinanan
Head of Strategy and Planning
Audley Raymore
Head of Major Projects
Tony Blair
Divisional Manager - Integrated Poultry Production
Janet Sylvester
Divisional Manager - Food Distribution
Nathan Nembhard
Head of Meat Processing
Hans Muller
Divisional Manager – Animal Genetics & Nutrition
Garth Channer
Chief Financial Officer

Regional Sales & Development Team

Miss Joelle Lodenquai
Brand Manager
Mr. Joseph Small
Group Manager - QMS
Mr. Winston Thomas
Senior Manager – Regional Sales
Dr. Gabrielle Young
Senior Manager – Livestock Support
Dr. Patrick Craig
Veterinary Manager
Dr. Gilbert Williams
Veterinary Manager
Miss Kelithea Wellington
Mr. Stanford Hamilton
Livestock Support Specialist
Mr. Andre Williams
Livestock Support Specialist
Mr. Oral Wallace
Livestock Support Specialist

Join The Team

We’re always growing, and always looking for people who are interested in growing with us.
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Didn’t see your dream job? Get in touch