With careful research at Newport Mills, our ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and GMP certified feed mill, we produce Jamaica’s leading quality feed brand Nutramix.  ‘The BIG Feed’, provides the safest and most profitable option for farmers and their livestock. CB Group has led the way, growing and evolving the poultry, pig, goat, dairy, and sheep, industries.

Furthermore, by working with leading animal nutritionists and experts from all over the globe, our animal feeds are designed to make your animals grow in the healthiest and most economical manner.

Offering a full range of mash, crumbled or pelleted feeds for poultry, pig, cattle, horse, goat and sheep, we also supply dog, rabbit and numerous other specialty feeds. Nutramix is the brand farmers have come to trust to give them the best results.


Providing the best feed for your birds is critical to the success of your farm. Our Nutramix feeds are the best in both nutrition and value, and ensure higher conversion rates for a healthier bird.

Nutramix and CB Group are at the forefront of the poultry industry. The combination of our baby chicks and our broiler feeds, available in crumble or pellet forms, have proven time and time again to be a profitable business for thousands of farmers across the region.

Nutramix feeds help maintain good flock health, protecting your investment. Precisely balanced feeds mean a consistent flow of nutrients in every bag of Nutramix. Our unique scientific approach to poultry nutrition means your flock can be ready for market faster without compromising health.

All our feeds are HORMONE FREE.
Our independent contract farmers operate a more specialized feeding programme, which is also available commercially for those interested in large scale poultry production:

• CB Starter: 0 days – 10/12 days
• CB Grower:  12 days – 20/21 days
• CB Finisher: 21 days – 28/30 days
• CB Withdrawal: 1 week


Nutramix produces a 17-18% (protein) Peak Layer ration that offers first-class nutrition for your mature laying birds. This premium quality feed is available in three forms, for your preference and convenience depending on your flock.

• 18% Peak Layer Ration Mash – a standard feed mash
• 18% Peak Layer Ration Crumble – crumbled feeds for faster consumption
• 18% Peak Layer Pellet – your birds can consume this kind of feed fastest


Working closely with our sister companies Newport Genetics and Copperwood Farms allows for us to get a better understanding of what it takes to grow pigs efficiently in the Jamaican environment.

With health and productivity at the forefront, Nutramix feeds have been tested and proven to give the best performance.

Pigs fed on our feeds go to market faster, saving you money and bringing you to profit faster. For even better results and profits, ask about our special NPG Feeding programme.

Nutramix gives you more than just the best quality feeds in Jamaica; we’ve designed a feeding programme that lets you know what and when to feed your pigs to get maximum profits from your operation.

• Pig Starter – For Piglets from 1 week to weaning
• Pig Grower – Growing pigs to 70 kg
• Pig Grower De-Wormer
• Pig Finisher- Finishing pigs from 70-120 kg
• Sow and Boar Mash – For females that are pregnant but not nursing, and boars
• Swine Concentrate III – High Protein Supplement

Cattle - Beef

Nutramix cattle feeds are trusted by the most successful farmers on the island, both large and small-scale. We are proud to provide a quality product that delivers nutritional value that cattle farmers of any size can trust.

Cattle - Dairy

Nutramix’s dairy feed and heifer development programme allow dairy cows to ‘calf earlier’ which means milk production up to a full year earlier than with competing feeds. Our high protein premium feeds mean healthy herds operating at peak dairy production and nutritious milk for the market. Simply, farmers get faster investments and a better bottom line.

• Kalvolac Calf Milk Replacer. Our milk replacer is milk based, not plant based. Lower fiber levels means more milk.
• Nutramix Calf Starter is higher in energy and protein. It allows for better and faster growth and development of the calf and its rumen.
• Nutramix Dairy Developer is high in protein and very high in energy. It allows heifers to ‘calf earlier’, bringing them into milk production up to 12 months earlier at 24 months instead of 36 months with competing feeds.

Nutramix Dairy Developer is created in cooperation with the nutritionists of NuScience, the leader in ruminant nutrition in the Netherlands.

Nutramix is a proud partner in the ‘Drink Real Milk’ (DRM) campaign, conceptualized to revive the Jamaican dairy industry by educating consumers on the benefits of drinking milk and encouraging consumers to choose dairy products produced by local farmers.

Goat & Sheep

Nutramix goat and sheep feeds help to ensure that your animals grow faster so you get them quicker to market for a better bottom line.

We’ve worked to create a more balanced diet, specialized for the needs of small ruminants.

Nutramix Feeds are enriched with ammonium chloride which helps to prevent urinary tract stones, known as “stoppage of water”, a health concern for small ruminants, especially males.


The nutritional needs of rabbits are carefully met by our Nutramix specialty feeds, formulated and carefully produced in our ISO, HACCP and GMP certified feed mill.

Nutramix rabbit pellets are formulated with alfalfa, a natural detoxifying agent that contains high concentrations of protein and calcium and aids with digestion.



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