Through Newport Genetics Ltd. we produce the highest quality genetic stock locally for thousands of pig farmers across Jamaica and the region.

We continue to work with leading exporters of pig breeding stock and genetics from Canada to develop a mother herd at Newport Genetics that is unrivaled in the region, producing Gilts and semen for Artificial Insemination that help farmers raise market hogs of unprecedented quality.


At Newport Genetics (NPG), we develop and nurture the highest quality pig genetics and breeding stock available anywhere in the Caribbean.
We have three kinds of pig genetics or breeding stock:

• F1 Gilts
• Impregnated F1 Gilts
• Duroc Semen for AI

We’ve facilitated the introduction into Jamaica of three premium breeds of pig from Canada. The Landrace and Yorkshire breeds are combined to make our  F1 Gilt (these are sold by NPG) and then Duroc provides Semen for Artificial Insemination or AI. When this Duroc semen is introduced to a F1 Gilt, the result is a Three Way Cross that is simply and undeniably the Best Market Hog available in Jamaica.

Previously, local pigs grew to an average of 140 pounds in six months, but animals from the Newport Genetics programme can reach an average of 280 pounds within the same period, using the same amount of feed. This is a simple formula for an improved bottom line, and we are systematically improving the quality of pigs throughout Jamaica. Further, through our vertically integrated approach to farming, we are also able to help you bring your pigs to market.

Contact a Nutramix Sales Representative, or Newport Genetics to get a head start with the best quality pig breed in the island:

Semen and Artificial Insemination

Through Newport Genetics (NPG), we provide the best quality pig genetics available in Jamaica, including semen for Artificial Insemination (AI).
The semen we process and prepare for sale comes from Duroc boars, a premium breed of pig known for its succulence, high feed conversion, growth rates and heavy muscling. When combined with F1 Gilts sold by NPG  these animals produce a three way cross guaranteed to be the best market hog anywhere in the region.

Not only does our Nutramix sales team offer semen for AI for sale, but we also offer direct insemination and can facilitate through our Vet Services team, training  in Artificial Insemination best practices for individual farmers, or groups and associations.

F1 Gilts inseminated with Duroc Semen from NPG, when carefully managed according to our recommendations and feeding guidelines, regularly produce litter sizes in excess of 12.

NPG sells cattle semen for both beef and dairy farmers. The semen is purchased from Select Sires, the leading supplier of cattle semen in the world, that has access to and owns some of the top ten performing bulls in the world. Most recently, we began selling goat and sheep semen, also sourced from Select Sires.

There are a dozen depots across the island where semen can be purchased.
For more information on Artificial Insemination, contact Livestock Support Manager and lead on vet services, Dr. Gabrielle Young at

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